1. Take Preparation Steps.

  • Measure the lengths of your walls that cabinets are to placed on. 
  • When measuring for a sink base or vanity sink, make sure that center of sink aligns with the center of any existing window before determining sink base placement. 
  • Be sure when determining the number of cabinets and their sizes that you include the measurements of all appliances and the space that they will also consume. (This includes refrigerator, stove, dishwasher) It's important to know the width, height and depth. 
  • Check the ceiling, walls and floor that they are straight and level. This is especially important when it comes time to install the cabinets. If the floor or ceiling is not straight, the cabinets will not be either!       

**National Countertops & Cabinets will Field Measure and help you with these tasks at no charge!**

​2. Choose a Door Style.

​This is where it gets fun! What is your style? 

There are 11 varieties of styles to choose from in stock.

Final Steps:

  • Come by and visit with us in person! Bring your ideas, any measurements you may have and a budget plan.
  • Have an idea of what type of hardware you might what, such as pull handles or knobs. Have you seen a unique decorative knob online? We will be happy to find it for you. We are licensed distributors for many various cabinet suppliers.
  • Consider any cabinet add-on features you might want, such as glass door fronts, trash container pull-outs, baking sheet pull-out or spice rack. Do you want a open shelf for Cookbooks? 


                If you can Dream it, We can make your Dream Kitchen come to life!

   3. Color Choice

   So Many Colors to choose from! What is your preference? Light to Dark, we have many beautiful colors in stock to choose from! 

Stop by and visit our showroom to look at all the various colors and see all the different things we can do! 

Our Showroom is open Monday - Friday 7AM -4PM and Saturday 8AM-Noon.

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